Product Overview

As one of the principal white pigments on the market, Ti02 is widely used in a whole host of applications from coatings to plastics, papers,inks, cosmetics and many more. A proprietary production process and the experience Kuncai has gained over 20 years in operation working with a range of coating technologies has led to the development of a high purity grade of titanium dioxide.The company has constructed a new production facility that has the capability to produce up to 500,000tons of different Ti02 product qualities a year. The product lines have been launched under the roof of the new company site: Zhengtai.

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Technical Advantages

Titanium dioxide produced by extraction process and is recycled throughout
the industry. As it also produces almost no solid waste and consumes very little
energy, the process furthers environmentally sustainable development. 


Product Features

1、Intense whiteness

2、Excellent weathering resistance

3、Exceptional dispersibility and gloss

4、Strong hiding power and tinting strength