Including architectural, industrial, marine, automotive, aerospace, and printing inks - rely on high quality titanium dioxide for coverage, weatherability, gloss, protection, and brilliant color. A range of titanium dioxide products have been developed to meet the diverse needs of these many end uses. Kuncai has developed a variety of surface treatment processes to provide products with excellent whiteness, stable particle size, and outstanding dispersion; providing different customers with good whiteness and brightness, extraordinary hiding power, excellent durability, and cost savings. It can be used in architectural coatings, wood coatings, automotive OEM topcoats and refinish coatings, coil coatings, durable industrial coatings, inks and so on.


TiOEX-7 series products have been treated with a high density inorganic coating to provide superior optical properties and brighter, clearer colors in blue tinted systems. They are also weather resistant, have good hiding power and color eliminating power, and are easy to disperse.



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