Including packaging, agriculture, transportation, medical, home appliances and other applications - maintains its appearance and strength with the help of titanium dioxide. Extremely low impurity content; strictly controlled particle size of 0.20-0.25um, blue phase; available in two processes: extremely low aluminum cladding and dense inorganic silica-aluminum cladding. Ensure that the product has excellent whiteness, good processability, excellent anti-cracking porosity, and excellent weather resistance for outdoor use. Both products can be used in applications including high quality masterbatches, plastic films, plastic steel profiles, or plastic parts that require color stability for outdoor use.


TiOEX-8 series products are inorganically coated and organically treated to provide outstanding optical performance and dispersion in a wide range of plastic products. TiOEX-8 products offer excellent processability, excellent optical properties, fine particle size, good particle size distribution, white color, and easy dispersion in plastic masterbatches. It is especially recommended for polyolefin masterbatches and can be used with a wide range of polymers and in blends where durability is not a key factor.