All along, computer, communication and consumer electronics products, and the so-called "3C products" have high requirements for corrosion protection and exterior decoration, which are closely related to the coatings they use. This is closely related to the coatings used. The quality of the exterior coating process has become one of the most important indicators for determining the grade of the product. Therefore, the demand of 3C manufacturers for more advanced and more personalized coatings is increasing day by day. Increase. Pearlescent material used in "3C products" has been more and more attention by consumers, it will be the IT products will follow the trend. Computers, tablet PCs, cell phones, digital digital camera, TV, Walkman, electronic dictionary, audio and video playback hardware devices or digital audio players, etc., as well as multimedia computers, Internet-enabled TV, camera phones, PDAs (PDAs) that can make phone calls. As well as multimedia computers, Internet-ready TVs, camera-ready cell phones, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and other digital convergence products will be a huge market for pearlescent materials to enter.


Pearlescent material gives 3C products a sense of technology and futuristic with its distinctive color and ultra-high flash. Continuous innovation of the popular color spectrum, to the IT products, the industry that follows the rhythm of the times, with a constant source of creativity and unexpected visual experience, in order to continuously satisfy the emotional demands of modern people gathered under the fast life, and at the same time, to a greater extent. In order to meet the emotional demands of modern people under the fast life, at the same time, to a greater extent to meet the functional demands of the people, weather resistance, ultraviolet resistance, moisture resistance, non-conductive, non-magnetic, chemical resistance, and so on. Conductive, non-conductive, chemical stability, environmental protection and so on.