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Pearlescent materials have good dispersion and good physical and chemical properties, so they are widely used in the coating industry. No matter what kind of monochrome coatings are mixed with pearlescent materials, they can become pearlescent coatings, and their pearlescent and metallic luster effects leave a deep impression.Pearlescent coatings have been used in automobiles, locomotives, daily necessities, building materials and many other fields. Pearlescent materials have a flaky structure, so wetting is simple and rapid, but the polar surface of the system and the chemical properties of the medium or solvent need to be taken into account. The wafers of pearlescent materials are easy to break when dispersed, and usually pearlescent materials can be dispersed by simple stirring. If dispersing machines are used, only a short mixing time is allowed. It is recommended to pre-dispersed slurry before adding to the paint and mixing.

Product application advantages

Pearlescent materials offer paint process designers a wide field for creating new colors and decorative effects due to their extremely high light refractive index, pearlescent effect and perspective flash effect. Silver White pearlescent materials give the coating film a bright white pearlescent luster and can also be used to create decorative effects with an undercoat. Kuncai Pearlescent materials offer new and interesting colors and tones on their own. The optical interference color of this illusionary pearlescent material can be formulated either with resin alone to formulate a clear pearlescent topcoat, or with conventional clear lacquers to formulate a pearlescent material color topcoat.

Product application cases

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