BOPP film

Cosmetic grade pearlescent material is made of synthetic mica, high temperature resistant, does not contain any harmful substances, very low heavy metal content, covered with food grade or cosmetic grade metal oxides or colorants, giving a variety of color effects. Kuncai Technology has specially invested and set up a dedicated cGMP standard production workshop, which strictly implements the cGMP management standard and complies with the international food and drug hygiene management regulations (FDA). Cosmetic grade pearlescent materials provide diversified colors, easy color matching, and can be used to produce lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, nail polishes, hair creams, moisturizers, hair sprays and other different cosmetics.


Cosmetic grade pearlescent material in the use of color cosmetics can improve the transparency of the product, so that it has excellent luster, sparkle and brightness, better compression and adhesion. Meanwhile, the surface treated cosmetic grade pearlescent material also has lipophilic and hydrophobic properties, so it will not clump and fall off when using powders. In different color makeup formulations, it is quite helpful for skin feel, smoothness, adhesion and quality characteristics, and the color is more charming and moving. Kuncai 3D magnetic pearlescent material, its unique 3D three-dimensional effect, dreamy and brilliant color, as well as the unique metallic texture and natural smooth lines, changeable The visual effect is mainly used in magic nail polish.