iron oxide red

Kuncai's first and unique raw material preparation process, through the unique crystal seed preparation process, calcination treatment process, etc. to get high weather resistance, high coloring power, high dispersibility, low oil absorption, low metal content, particle size uniformity of the iron oxide red, the unique near-spherical particles provide a high covering power characteristics.


FeOEX-R series products adopt Kuncai world's first hydrochloric acid method to extract raw materials to get low heavy metal content and low impurity content reaction materials. The iron oxide red produced by liquid alkali neutralization and medium-temperature calcination process is different from the cohesive particles generated by conventional air oxidation method, which has high coloring power and strong covering power, thus reducing the amount of pigments used in coatings and plastic products and saving the environment. Mechanical shear process (such as grinding) with excellent thermal stability and color stability.