Industrial Grade Pearlescent Pigments

Kuncai's industrial grade pearlescent pigments are available in all major colors (silver white, interference, gold, metallic and multicolor) to meet the needs of a wide range of color applications in various fields. They are mainly used in coatings, plastics, rubber, inks, paper, textiles, decorations, crafts, leather, enamels, ceramics, packaging, printing and decorating and architectural coatings.

Cosmetic Grade Pearlescent Pigments

Kuncai cosmetic grade pearlescent pigments are widely used in make-up and personal care products. The rich colors and silky shimmering variety of textures help to outline each individual's unique aesthetic. Kuncai does not define beauty, but rather offers a wealth of aesthetic color inspiration and emotional color concepts to help manufacturers and consumers capture different trends, styles and moods.


Automotive Grade Pearlescent Pigments

Kuncai automotive grade pearlescent pigments have been widely used in automotive OEM coatings and high quality refinish coatings, the exquisite particle size distribution presents metallic luster and color effect. With excellent weather resistance and good dispersion performance, it can better meet the outdoor requirements of automobiles. No matter how long it takes, Kuncai can make you feel brand new and not afraid of harsh outdoor conditions.