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Pearlescent materials are widely used in the plastics industry, including injection molding, blow molding, blister molding, casting, masterbatches and other plastic processing techniques, such as the manufacture of cosmetic containers, shampoo containers, food and drug containers, hoses, daily-use plastic products, toys, buttons, sandals, construction plastic products, furniture plastic decorations and so on. Plastic products for construction, plastic decorations for furniture, etc.

Product application advantages

Pearlescent materials can be applied to all thermoplastics and some thermoset plastics; in terms of materials, they can be used in transparent and translucent plastic resins. In terms of material, it can be used for transparent and semi-transparent plastic resins, and the use of pearlescent materials will bring an attractive color visual effect. In general, the more transparent the resin, the better it is able to fully display the characteristic luster and gloss of pearlescent materials. The better the transparency of the resin, the more it can fully display the unique luster and color effect of pearlescent materials. For less transparent resins (PC/PVC, etc.), the processing characteristics of these resins also make the pearlescent luster and color effect more attractive. The processing characteristics of these resins also make it possible to fully display the luster and color effects of pearlescent materials. The concentration of pearlescent material used in plastics depends on the application conditions, but is generally 1-2% (of the total amount). Generally, 1-2% by weight of the resin is sufficient to achieve a satisfactory pearlescent effect, but for some film products, concentrations as high as 4-8% are required. For some film products, it is necessary to use up to 4-8% concentration of pearlescent material. For some film products, the concentration of pearlescent material should be as high as 4-8%. In addition, some pigments with low transparency also need to use higher content of pearlescent pigment or larger particles to highlight the effect.

Product application cases

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