invite the talented and call the valorous (idiom); recruit talent

Sales Directors

(6 Posts + at KunCai, a Shanghai-listed titanium dioxide start-up supplier based in Fuzhou City, mainland China, with titanium dioxide and iron oxide pigment for wholesale)


Job responsibilities:

1. From 0 to 1 to 100, to be responsible for independently developing target customers for international markets (Asia Pacific, America, Europe, etc.), such as distributors or end customers

2. to be responsible for improving the company’s brand awareness and market share in the world market, and pushing up the maximization of its sales profit.

3. to be responsible for maintaining customer relationships

4. to participate in the company's brand and sales system improvement



Job Description

1. to collect new foreign customers’ business information from the coatings, plastics, paper, ink industries, in the use of the Internet (new media such as Facebook, trwitter, Amazon, etc.)

2. to find out contact information of new target customers (or target company bosses)

3. to develop new target customers in the use of emails and other means, find customer needs, and provide product introductions

4. to mail samples to customers and test samples

5. to notice sample testing results and repeatedly answer customer related questions

6. to prepare sales contracts

7. to finish contract approval

8. to finish customer payments

9. to cooperate with customers for factory inspection and business reception




1. Under 40 years old, bachelor's degree or above, graduated from majors such as English, tourism, and business administration; 10+years of overseas sales experience in related chemical products or upstream and downstream products (bonus points: possessing international sales experience in titanium dioxide, iron oxide, calcium chloride, as well as bidding experience; or technical support from sales engineers; conditions can be relaxed for multinational or large companies with outstanding conditions)

2. native English; Good image and temperament, with a slightly above average figure, lively and outgoing personality

3. Excellent expression ability, business negotiation ability, professional learning ability, and teamwork ability; Bonus points ability: innovation ability, adaptability ability

4. Outstanding achievement orientation, resilience, customer awareness, initiative, and global perspective

5. Career Circumstance:

1) Under strong work pressure and strict company compliance system, independently coordinate and solve all sales details, and fully achieve sales targets

2) Dare to gradually integrate the corporate culture of the core team of the company with a "self negation ideology" (i.e. a zero mentality)

3) The company is currently in a period of rapid growth and needs to cope with the conflict and integration between its habitual professional habits and the company's original corporate culture

4) Frequent business trips abroad, with some time working at the domestic headquarters

5) Actively facing longer customer development cycles with a good mindset

6. Professional psychology: Strong self-driven, self-growth, self-discipline



1. Company: Zhengtai New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (No. 1 Huaxing Branch Road, Jiangyin Gangcheng Economic Zone, Fuqing City, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, southeast China, landing an area of 1320 acres, with a planned production capacity of over 1 million tons; main sales of titanium dioxide and iron oxide, and by-product calcium chloride)

2. Market position: The parent company is a benchmark Shanghai-listed company in China’s chemical industry

3. Salary: Base salary of 10,000 to 20,000 Chinese yuan (including social insurance, including food and accommodation, and those with outstanding conditions can negotiate higher benefits in person); After becoming proficient in the business, the annual comprehensive income can exceed one million, with no upper limit

4. Working hours: According to national statutory holidays

5. Probationary period: 3-6 months (excellent performance can lead to early probation)

6. Recruitment number: 5 people+


8. smartphone:15005043031(for mainland China)