Management System for Denunciation

I. Objective

   In order to strengthen the integrity of the company, safeguard the interests of the company, maintain serious work discipline and encourage reporting behaviour, this system has been established.       

II. Scope

   This system applies to Kuncai Technology and its subsidiaries.

III. Administrative Rules

1、Both employees and partners may report fraudulent behaviour to the Company's Integrity Committee, as well as complaints and reports of other breaches of professional ethics and firm discipline, in the following four ways:

(1) Mailbox: The company has a number of reporting mailboxes and paper reporting materials can be deposited in the above mailboxes.

(2) E-mail:

(3) Hotline: 0591-85616317

(4) WeChat Official Account: Search for "Lianjie Kuncai" on WeChat or scan the QR code:



2、The whistleblower must provide the name and department of the person being reported, as well as the specific circumstances, timing and evidence of the fraud or offence, so that the Integrity Committee can investigate and act promptly. As a general rule, the Integrity Committee will give priority to investigating the real name of the whistleblower, where there is evidence or clear clues to support the allegation.

3、In order to protect employees' enthusiasm for reporting, but also to avoid the colleagues being maliciously vilified in the reporting process, please consider the following points when reporting:

(1) The Integrity Committee is responsible for assessing the acceptability of the reporting material in a timely manner and responding to the outcome of the assessment within 10 working days, which may be extended if the complexity of the situation requires the involvement of external parties to the incident.

(2) The Company's Integrity Committee will not accept complaints and reports without evidence and facts, and if it is found that people are retaliating for malicious reports, the Company's Integrity Committee will refer the relevant personnel to the Administrative Department for punishment.

(3) The company will no longer accept complaints and reports via group emails, WeChat, etc. after the official channels are published.

4、After registering the reported information, the Integrity Committee will act in accordance with the following provisions, depending on the position or post of the reported person, the seriousness of the reported incident and the circumstances:

(1) For the real name report of persons in positions below the rank of manager, the Integrity Committee deliberated on the establishment of an investigation team to investigate the incident, the results of the investigation were reported to the General Manager; for the anonymous report of persons in positions below the rank of manager, the Integrity Committee to make a preliminary assessment, depending on the adequacy of the reported material to decide whether or not to conduct the investigation, and also set up an investigation team after the decision to investigate the incident, the results verified by the investigation team to inform the General Manager or Chairman.

(2) Involving the real name report of persons in positions above the rank of manager (including), the Integrity Committee will be the first time to report to the Chairman, the Chairman decided to do further investigation of the incident, by the Integrity Committee and the management of the relevant departments together with the formation of a special investigation team to carry out joint investigations, but also depending on the circumstances of the case to hire external experts, hand over to the participation of the criminal investigation department to assist in the investigation, and ultimately the formation of the investigation report to the Chairman.

5、Upon completion of the investigation, the Integrity Committee shall promptly submit a written report to the General Manager or Chairman, the report should include:

(1) the date of the report; (2) the composition of the investigation team; (3) the investigation and verification of the incident; (4) the conclusion as to whether it is true or not; (5) the recommendations for dealing with the personnel involved.

Relevant evidence, exhibits or testimony found during the investigation shall be attached to the investigation report.

6、For the real name report, regardless of whether the investigation is set or not, the Integrity Committee will provide feedback to the informant; for obvious fraud facts, clues, evidence of anonymous reports, if the investigation of the situation is true, the Integrity Committee will publish the investigation results in the public way.

7、We will protect the normal work of the person who complains, reports, assist in the investigation, the relevant personnel information is the first-class confidential information; the company will prohibit the behaviour of discrimination, retaliation, hostility, isolation or retaliation to the people; depending on the circumstances of the case, the person who breaks the rules will be punished, dismissed, terminated the employment contract (and do not need to carry out any economic compensation). Anyone who breaks the law will be referred to the judicial authorities to be dealt with in accordance with the law.

8、Members of the Integrity Committee and assist in the investigation of relevant departments shall not disclose the information of the whistleblower and the investigation; if it needs to access the information, the Integrity Committee shall be submitted to the written request and permission; the Integrity Committee shall record the content, time and personnel of the consultation; the relevant information is only for inspection, may not be photocopied, scanned, photographed.

IV. Reporting Reward Standards

1、If the amount of economic loss recovered is less than 10,000 yuan (not included), a reward will be given at the rate of 10% of the actual amount, and the amount of the reward will not be less than 500 yuan;

2、The amount of economic loss recovered is 10,000-50,000 yuan (not included), and the reward is given at 5% of the actual amount, and the amount of the reward is not less than 1,000 yuan;

3、If the amount of economic loss recovered is 50,000 yuan (inclusive) or more, the award will be given at 3% of the actual amount, and the amount of the award will not be less than 2,500 yuan and not more than 100,000 yuan.

4、For the amount of money is not involved or although the amount of money involved but has been irretrievable, depending on the severity of the case, a one-time reward to the informer of 500 yuan, 1,000 yuan, 3,000 yuan, or 5,000 yuan.

V. Penalties for Fraud and Offences

Employees who are reported, verified and found to have committed fraud or violations will be punished according to the seriousness of the situation, including but not limited to: written criticism, notification of criticism, warning, registration of demerits, repayment of money, termination of employment contract (and do not have to pay any financial compensation) and referral to justice for treatment.