Tips for Denunciation

1、All employees have the responsibility and obligation to protect the rights and interests of the company, and must report to the company in a timely manner if they find that there are acts of corruption or misconduct;

2、Based on the principle of mutual respect and joint development, Kuncai welcomes all partners to report the fraudulent behaviour of our employees in a timely manner;

3、The company will take strict confidentiality measures to protect whistleblower-related information;

4、The company encourages and advocates real-name reporting, but also accept anonymous reporting;

5、The whistleblower must provide the name and department of the person being reported, as well as the specific circumstances, timing and evidence of the fraud or offence;

6、You can also report it in one of the following three ways:

(1) E-mail:

(2) Hotline: 0591-85616317

(3) WeChat Official Account: Search for "Lianjie Kuncai" on WeChat or scan the QR code: