Integrity Convention


In order to maintain Kuncai's corporate image, promote Kuncai's values, regulate the business conduct of employees and partners, improve the self-discipline of employees, and promote the long-term development of cooperation with the partners, we have formulated this convention:

I. Employee Conventions

1、Obey the law and follow the rules. Comply with national laws, regulations and company rules, and do not engage in any illegal, irregular or undisciplined activities.

2、Love and devotion to work, faithfulness to duty. Protect the interests of the company, fulfil the duties of the post and not engage in any conduct contrary to professional ethics.

3、Fear of rights, stand up for the public. Prudent use of the rights granted by the company, upholding the public spirit, not using power for private gain.

4、Honesty and integrity. Treating people with truth, acting with trust, disciplining oneself, not coveting, not soliciting or accepting any form of bribe from the cooperation partner.

5、Remain positive and practical. Focus on self-cultivation, practice the company's values, seek truth from facts, resolutely oppose corruption, promote the company's righteousness.


II. Partner Conventions

1、Compliance with the law. In working with your company, we hope to work together to comply with relevant national and local laws and regulations and set an example for the industry. You should not use fraud, forgery or other illegal means to obtain improper benefits and infringe on the relevant rights and interests of our company.

2、Equality and mutual benefit. Based on the global market position of pearlescent pigments and the world's first extraction method for titanium dioxide, Kuncai has entered a high-speed development stage, and we hope to promote the development of the whole industry with your party and work hand in hand to share the fruits of development. We will not adopt discriminatory, oppressive and exclusionary attitudes, nor will we satisfy our own needs by harming each other's interests.

3、Honesty and integrity. We hope that during the cooperation with your company, we can uphold the principle of honesty and integrity, with high-quality products, reasonable prices and sincere service as the basis for win-win cooperation, and will not use any form of improper means to obtain the opportunity for cooperation, bribe relevant personnel or engage in any other "dishonest, incorruptible" behaviour.

4、Mutual respect. We hope that during the co-operation with your company, we will respect each other, cooperate with each other, seek common ground while reserving differences, and achieve win-win development. Mutual respect for each other's employees, intellectual property rights and trade secrets. Do not use illegal means to our employees to explore the company's trade secrets, business channels.

III. Interpretation

 Behaviour that violates the conventions is considered a violation of Kuncai's values, and we have the right to punish employees and hold partners accountable according to the relevant system.