Ten Red Lines for Management

Management red line, that is, the management of high-pressure line, as long as the employee touches the ten red lines, regardless of their position, contribution, how long the age of service, the circumstances of the lesser case to be demoted, pay cuts, the circumstances of the heavier case will be dismissed, in addition, suspected of violating the law will be investigated by the company of the relevant personnel legal responsibility, please always bear in mind.

1、Love the country and the Party, and do not do anything against the country or the Party.

2、Obey the law, do nothing that violates laws and regulations.

3、Comply with the company's system, not intentionally violate the company's rights and interests.

4、Protect trade secrets, do not steal, intentionally disclose or sell trade secrets.

5、Integrity and honesty, no corruption or bribery, and solicitation of bribes are prohibited.

6、Cherish public property, do not steal, intentionally damage the company's property.

7、Honest and trustworthy, not deceitful or false.

8、Love and devotion to work, do not neglect your duties, and do not intentionally violate the rules of command and operation.

9、Obey management, do not contradict or abuse leadership

10、To be united and friendly, not to gang up, and not to intimidate or assault colleagues.