Our Commitment

Social Responsibility

At Kuncai, we are aware of the impact of our actions on the environment and society. As a company with an international outlook, we take our social responsibility very seriously. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) clearly describes how Kuncai manages its business processes to ensure that we are aware of the direct and indirect impacts of our actions and activities.


Code of Conduct

As a responsible global corporate citizen, Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "kuncai") insists on using its own resource and strength to undertake the sustainable responsibility and obligation of the corporation and society consistently, and we act in accordance to our code of conduct. Kuncai has received a silver award in the 2018 EcoVadis Global Social Responsibility Rating. EcoVadis is an independent and globally recognised accreditation organisation for social responsibility. Based on this high standard of accreditation, Kuncai also scored above the industry average in all four assessment areas in the Coatings, Varnishes and Printing Inks industry category: namely environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable sourcing supply chain. In addition, Kuncai was selected as one of the top 6% of best-in-class suppliers in the Labour and Human Rights category.


Operational Responsibilities

Kuncai's way of operating is founded on safety, health, sustainability, social responsibility, international ethical, quality standards, and laws and regulations, and excellent product quality is essential for us to fulfil our commitments to our customers. Our commitment to continuous investment in innovation and R&D enables Kuncai to develop and innovate products in a sustainable manufacturing process. Kuncai adheres to a rigorous and conscientious attitude and an innovative spirit to provide leading products for the industry and bring color to the world.


Supply Chain Management

Next to the economics of the supply chain, Kuncai emphasizes on the environmental and social dimensions of supply chain management. Sustainable supply chain management is key and we continuously work on improvement together with our suppliers and customers. All our suppliers sign our suppliers code of conduct and accept our assessments, including internal and external audits with the aim to share a fully transparent supply chain management system with our customers and publics. We maintain a strong focus on abolishing illegal employment, especially children in the mica industry.



Kuncai always insists on sustainable development principles, with strong focus on our environment. For the future generations, it is crucial that we  take our responsibility and invest in innovative technology to reduce the use of energy and natural resources in our production and also with  regards to our products for the benefit of our customers. Kuncai promotes the enhancement and fulfilment of its environmental protection concept  to every employee, customer and supplier.               



All our employees are united in their passion for new ideas, the possibilities of technology and the potential to make a difference in the world.  Kuncai is committed to provide safe, comfortable and harmonious working and living environment to our employees. Kuncai is doing more to increase employee’s satisfactory and creates thorough career development plans for everyone within Kuncai. Continuous development of our talented employees assures our success toward the future.


From the society, To the soclety, Kuncai calls for everyone to embrace a spirit of compassion and join us in our public activities. Care for our community and our society should be part of everyone's focus and aim to realize our common goal in improving education and/or living conditions for someone in need. People of Kuncai are willing to devote themselves to the engagement of our mission.