Kuncai Technology Built a Fully Digital Control Center to Complete the Intelligent Manufacturing Re-upgrade



With the iterative upgrading of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and other digital technologies, Kuncai Technology, as a pioneer of enterprise innovation, has once again led the industry in terms of digital production, building a fully digital control center and officially putting it into use. production, building a fully digital control center and officially putting it into use.2.jpg

This fully digital control center, with a total investment of more than 6 million yuan, covers an area of more than 2,000 square metres, consists of 15 LED ring screens, and its functions include a combined multi-media console, intelligent conference platform, etc. It also has a unique "multi-screens + distributed seats" architecture, a collection of plant overview, research and development, production scheduling / production control, quality assurance, logistics, warehousing, personnel management, safety / environmental protection and other aspects of the information, to achieve the digital console as the basis for the visual management of information as the goal of the data and information processing architecture. Among them, the integrated, digital and intelligent means can solve the comprehensive needs of production control, production management, and enterprise operation. At the same time, through the automation of production data collection, the visualisation of production plants, and the intelligence of production processes, it can bring great potential and competitive advantages to enterprises, including cost reduction, and improvement of production efficiency and safety.

In terms of visibility, for the global customer demand, Kuncai Technology uses the DCS control system through the all-weather record of the whole process of closed-loop production process, to provide a comprehensive display of multi-channel information and efficient cooperation of the delivery method. Kuncai can also meet the demand of third-party factory inspection, as long as open online access, customers can complete the third-party factory inspection through online monitoring, which greatly improves the communication efficiency, and contributes to the stability of the global supply chain.

In the future, the fully digital control center will become the nerve centre of Kuncai Technology, whether it is the sales data of the global market or the safety details of the production process, it can be displayed for the first time through the fully digital control center. On the one hand, it can provide a reliable source of information to help managers make the right decisions, and on the other hand, real-time monitoring can ensure the safety and precision of production at the first time.


Xie Bingkun, chairman of Kuncai Technology, said: "The future competition in the industry is the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, including brand power, digital capabilities, channel management capabilities, supply chain flexibility, product quality and so on. Kuncai Technology fully digital control center has been built is not only the evidence of corporate strength, but also a strong embodiment of the enterprise's ability to innovate. Kuncai Technology has always been a pioneer in the pursuit of innovation, providing the most safe and reliable products and services for global customers with innovative actions."