Kuncai Technology the 23rd CIFIT Fair



On the 8th of September, when the 23rd China International Fair for Investment and Trade opened in Xiamen, Kuncai Technology brought titanium dichloride, titanium dioxide, functional titanium dioxide, iron oxide, pearlescent pigments and other products produced by its self-developed extraction method to the Fujian Province exhibition area, and made a big splash at the fair.

Kuncai Technology is focused on bringing innovation and expertise in inorganic materials science to the market, and is equipped to deliver sustainable innovation across the entire industrial value chain. we have established strategic partnerships with global leaders in various industries to promote cooperation and the high-quality development of industrial applications. we strive to find solutions that allow us to combine technology with nature in a sustainable way and are committed to contributing to the development of a new ecosystem that benefits both the environment and human health. We work tirelessly with our partners to jointly drive progress and deliver quality in all areas, creating a better future for the world and its people.