Securities Times: Kuncai Technology Brings "Titanium Dioxide Produced by the World's First Set of Extraction Method" to China Straits Innovation and Projects Fair, Accelerating the Larg


From 18 to 22 June, the 21st China Straits Innovation and Projects Fair was successfully held in Fuzhou. This year, the fair is dedicated to scientific and technological innovation to promote high-quality development, and has successfully docked 521 projects with a value of more than 400 billion yuan. Kuncai Technology was invited to participate in the fair, and its display of the industry's cutting-edge technological achievements "titanium dioxide produced by the world's first set of extraction method" became a major highlight of the fair.

According to the official website of the fair, the project status of the innovative achievement "titanium dioxide produced by the world's first set of extraction method" is "industrialisation", and the mode of cooperation includes "technology shareholding and others". In the offline exhibition hall of the fair, Kuncai Technology displayed the model of "China’s Third Aircraft Carrier Fujian" with dazzling appearance, combining the titanium dioxide coatings with the model of the carrier which attracted a lot of attention, so that the visitors can intuitively see the application scenario and finished product characteristics of high-end titanium dioxide and iron oxide.

It is well known that titanium dioxide as a white pigment with the best performance in the world, its high-end product preparation process was once monopolised by foreign countries. In order to break the technical barriers, Kuncai Technology, after 13 years of painstaking research and spending more than 3 billion yuan, developed the world's first extraction method, subverting the titanium dioxide industry for more than 100 years of the process route. At the same time, it has obtained the first set of process technology certification and more than 10 domestic and foreign invention patents, breaking through the foreign blockade and monopoly of high-end titanium dioxide technology, and contributing to the high-quality, green, environmentally friendly and sustainable development of titanium dioxide industry, which has been highly praised by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Kuncai will continue to optimise the structure of the sustainable industrial chain, cultivate a good ecology for the company's high level of innovation capacity in titanium dioxide, inject core competitiveness into the development of enterprises, and escort the transformation and upgrading of China's titanium dioxide industry.


In order to meet the financing needs for the large-scale industrialisation of this ground-breaking technology, Kuncai is currently planning to carry out a non-public offering of shares, and said in exchanges with a number of investment institutions that the company's first production line with an annual output of 100,000 tonnes has already reached production and is in normal operation. The second production line will be put into operation around July, and plans to put another 3 production lines and have production capacity in October, at present, the 3 production lines have completed the installation of 60% of the volume of work, it is expected that the fourth quarter of the 5 lines will be all put into use. Kuncai plans to build another 5 production lines in 2024, and 10 production lines can be put into production and operation in 2025, with an annual output of 1 million tonnes of titanium dioxide and 1 million tonnes of iron oxide.


As a leading enterprise of inorganic pigment, Kuncai Technology, in addition to high-end titanium dioxide, also exhibited pearlescent pigments with the world's leading market share in the fair. At present, Kuncai has an annual production capacity of 30,000 tonnes of pearlescent pigments and 10,000 tonnes of synthetic mica, which can be widely used in coatings, plastics, automotive, papermaking, cosmetics (daily), ink, ceramics, building materials, food, textile, photovoltaic, new energy, environmental protection and other industries.

Source: Securities Times