Quality assurance center

"Quality is the life of the enterprise", this is the working principle of Kuncai Quality Assurance. Product quality is to decide the competitiveness of the enterprise in the market, Kuncai Technology is a quality as the fundamental, brand as the strategy of the enterprise, need to establish a perfect quality standards, and mutual authentication between users. Quality Assurance Centre has automotive grade, cosmetic grade, weathering grade, temperature resistance grade, light resistance grade pearlescent pigments test and inspection centre, with advanced equipment, technical standards and excellent personnel, the implementation of the development and management of external services, to provide accurate analysis and testing in order to protect the quality of the company's products; at the same time, extend the inspection, supply chain, adhere to the sustainable development, the establishment of the quality assessment system, to ensure that the company's stable production; the establishment of complete product ten-year traceability system, responsibility system, to protect user services; At present, has been eight years in the industry to maintain a zero complaint record, has been through a hundred enterprise system review, third-party inspection and audit, have achieved excellent results. "Pursuit of perfection, pursuit of craftsmanship," is the eternal belief of Kuncai Quality Assurance workers.