Project achievements

Kuncai Technology has an excellent R&D team led by leading talents in the industry, with nearly 20 overseas experts engaged in R&D, quality control, application, marketing and sales, etc. Kuncai Technology has obtained a number of trade secret technologies, which can guarantee the high quality of products and the innovation of products at the forefront of the industry. Meanwhile, we are equipped with complete sets of R&D equipment, pearlescent pigments R&D laboratory, synthetic mica comprehensive laboratory, etc., and regularly hold special technical lectures, which guarantees our leading position in the same industry.

"Success with humility, advocating good losses, giving up bad victories, and eliminating mediocre successes" is the R&D principle of Kuncai. Kuncai Technology R&D center is equipped with industry advanced equipment and instruments for R&D, testing and analysis, and has comprehensive R&D capabilities such as standardized quality control system, global sharing system and outreach office. The center has a strong professional team with many PhDs and masters as the person in charge of each project and the leader of the subject group, and implements incentive mechanisms such as project responsibility system and cooperation system. "Innovation is the cornerstone of development, responsibility is the soul of progress", Kuncai has always insisted on self-innovation, which has been fruitful over the years, and has applied for dozens of domestic and foreign patents, many of which are self-developed, and developed more than a dozen series of new products. Kuncai has demonstrated its leading position in the industry in terms of technology, engineering and process innovation, and its product technology, product standard and product series are among the best, and it has achieved excellent results in strategic research and development, tactical research to technology expansion, which has provided a solid guarantee for the innovative development, transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.